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Scheduled maintenance will identify and fix problems in your vehicle, ensuring zero travel downtime.

Why is Maintenance

Maintenace will not only provide preventive aspects to failing parts, it ensure related parts function in top conditions.

The general maintenace will cover the following:

  • Oil Change
  • Maintenance Tune-Up
  • Transmission Service
  • A/C Service
  • Radiator Service
  • Vehicle Inspection

On Time Guarantee

Holland Auto Wheels takes great pride in ensuring we deliver quality products everytime and anytime. You can always be assured to collect your vehicle on schedule.

Maintainence Tips (Warning signs)

Its important to understand how to attend to warning signs when you see them in appearing. Below mentioned are tips which will be useful.

Coolant Temperature

When cars are designed, the dash meter indicators are the only communicating channel to the driver. Often drivers neglect what the dash meter are telling them and pass off as unimportant signals. Probably the only indicator that most drivers are concerned with is the fuel level indicators, however other indicators like coolant temperature are very important especially during long journeys. Overheating of engine system can be due to a leaking coolant hose or cooling fan that is not working. If neglected, it can lead to a blown gasket and a big repair cost.

Oil Warning Indicator

Oil Warning Lights are indicating that the oil pressure is low in the engine. It can be due to insufficient oil level, engine oil pump that is not providing sufficient oil pressure and engine oil sludge formed due to poor maintenance interval. Staving the engine of lubrication is not a good idea as moving parts are turning at thousands of rpm. It can cause severe damage to the moving mechanical parts.

Brake Indicator

Brakes are the assurance to your safety. Please have your brake system check periodically. Most cars have a brake fluid level sensor which is located in the cap or in the reservoir. The brake fluid may be low and you may check the fluid level at the brake fluid reservoir. Please top up to the MAX level if it is insufficient. If the brake fluid level is way below MIN mark, this is a tell-tale sign you probably have a brake system that is leaking. It is recommended to arrange a car tow to the workshop. In some makes, this indicator may mean your brake pads are coming to the end of its lifespan. Please send it to the workshop immediately. The brake pads and brake pad wear sensor should be replaced at the same time, do not reuse the sensors.There are situations when the handbrake system may be improperly disengaged, please check again.

Transmission Fluid

Other than the engine, the transmission which transfer the torque to the wheels are working hard behind the scene. They are often overlooked during maintenance. Please indicate to your workshop to check the condition and the level of the lubrication. The actual drain interval of transmission lubrication varies with the manufacturer. However it may be good to have them flushed every 40,000km as it is quite costly to have them overhauled or replaced.

Tyre Pressure

Maintaining your tyre pressure helps to improve fuel economy. When the pressure goes below the threshold, it creates a drag and it will require the engine to work harder. The correct tyre pressure will prolong your tyre lifespan as tyre deforms to an undesired shape which will cause excessive wear and poorer traction. Please refer to the owner manual or the vehicle body(Fuel tank cover or driver door) for the correct tyre pressure. It is recommended to check your tyre pressure at least once a month.

Battery Indicator

When this battery indicator appears, it means the Alternator which is driven by the engine is not working. This does not mean that the automotive battery is malfunction. The Alternator powers the electrical and electronics in the vehicle. The automotive battery supplies electrical energy to the starter motor and the memory settings of the vehicle. The Alternator charges up the automotive battery when the engine is running. Please sent the vehicle to the workshop immediately or you might wind up towing your vehicle. You may turn off non essential system like the air conditioning and stereo. This will reduce the load on the battery while you make your journey to the workshop.

Engine Check Indicator

Warning indicators like engine light requires professional technician and onboard diagnostic equipment to diagnose the fault of the vehicle. Please bring your vehicle to a qualified workshop who can provide you with good advise.

ABS Indicator

Other warning indicators like the ABS light , AirBag and EPS light requires professional technician and onboard diagnostic equipment to diagnose the fault of the vehicle. Please bring your vehicle to a qualified workshop who can provide you with good advise.


These information are for your references and we do not hold responsibility for any issues that arises from them. The literatures from here are not to be used for any personal or commercial purposes without the permission of the company.